Edgy Chin Length Bob Haircut PictureEdgy Chin Length Bob Haircut.  This edgy short haircut is two different haircuts combined.  Part Bob and part Mullet with a thick slanted asymmetrical bang.  The back of this edgy hairstyle is cut into a neck-hugging bob, while the sides above the ears are “Notched” cut, and disconnected from the back, giving it the “Mullet” part of the haircut.  Disconnected means the hair on the sides does not blend into the hair in the back, therefore the term “disconnected” is used.  In addition to the disconnection, the sides above the ears are also cut on an angle from the chin to the bottom of the ear.  Slight layers are cut throughout the interior to lighten it up and give the top some lift.  The bang is cut a little wider, and also on a slight angle to give this short hairstyle an edgy look.

TO STYLE:  Add a straightening balm and a thermal protectant to damp hair.  Blow-dry with a round brush by turning ends under.  To add extra shine and polish, use a flat iron after blow-drying.  Finish with a light hold hairspray.  This edgy short hairstyle doesn’t need much styling time and is fairly simple to do.  The hard part will be finding a creative hairstylist to give this haircut the extra edge it deserves.

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