Cute Shoulder Length HaircutWhat really makes this Cute Shoulder Length Hairstyle stand-out is the color.  The beautiful Mocha-Red color against the bright blonde makes this Hairstyle Pop!  Length is cut to Shoulders, and Slight Layers are cut along the bottom edge of the interior.  A soft Side Bang is cut on an angle along the front and blended into the Face-Framed Sides.  Apply Volumizing Serum to damp hair and divide hair into sections.  Blow-dry the bottom section of hair with a medium round brush in an upward motion to get the hair to” flip-up”.  Blow-dry the sides under and towards your face, and blow-dry Interior Layers smooth and straight.  Use a flat iron if necessary to smooth and polish then finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

Cute Medium Length HairstyleLength of this Cute hairstyle is cut just below the shoulders and longer layers are cut through-out the interior.  A Full Bang is cut along the front, resting right at the eyebrows.  Apply a volumizing serum to the hair then Blow-dry the bang under using a round brush.  Blow-Dry the interior hair also with a round brush to smooth hair before you curl.  Apply a heat protectant to the hair then Curl the hair back away from your face using a medium barrel curling iron.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.
Cute Long Length HairstyleLength of this Cute Curled Hairstyle is cut well below the shoulders and Heavily Layered through-out interior.  To style Blow-dry with a heat protectant and then use a Medium Barrel Curling Iron on small sections and Curl all the hair in both directions.  Comb through curls with your fingers and use a Light-hold hairspray to finish.

Cute Below Chin A Line Bob HaircutCute Below Chin A Line Bob Haircut.  Length is cut to the neckline in the back and the sides gradually get longer as you go towards the front, leaving the front slightly longer giving it the A-Line shape.  This Bob haircut is pretty much one length and has no layers, but the ends are texturized to give this Bob Hairstyle a shaggy-ended bottom edge versus a blunt-bottom edge.  The texture also helps the ends of the hair turn under.  Soft bangs are angled to the side, blending in with the rest of the haircut.  This is a very Cute Classic A-Line Bob Haircut.

TO  STYLE:  Apply a volumizing serum to damp hair prior to blow-drying.  When hair is 80% dry starting using a round brush.  Section off hair and use the round brush to turn the hair under while blow-drying.  Don’t forget to use the heat settings on the blow-dryer to get the best hairstyle.  After all sections are dry and turned under, piece-out the style using was or pomade.  Finish with a light hold hairspray.

STYLING TIP:  To get extra volume from your bob haircut, lift-up the hair and over-direct the round brush on the top sections of hair when blow drying.  Doing this will give your hairstyle the extra volume you desire.

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